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World Environmental stands out as a premier environmental consulting firm, specializing as an industrial hygienist consultant to deliver comprehensive, turnkey solutions to a global clientele. We are committed to providing top-tier industrial hygiene services, focusing on environmental, health, and safety compliance efficiently and effectively.

Our team excels in a broad spectrum of industrial hygiene services, including targeted environmental compliance, detailed environmental site assessments, strategic waste management, and thorough environmental remediation. Equipped to address the intricate challenges associated with environmental risks and regulatory demands across various industries, World Environmental is your expert partner.

We ensure your workplace meets health and safety standards, particularly in managing air quality, handling hazardous materials, and adhering to DOT shipping compliance. Trust us to steer your organization towards sustainable practices and robust safety protocols, reinforcing your commitment to protecting your workforce and the environment.

Safeguarding Workplaces with Expert Industrial Hygiene

Industrial hygiene refers to the science of anticipating, recognizing, evaluating, and controlling environmental factors or stresses arising in or from the workplace. These can cause sickness, impaired health, or significant discomfort among workers. Effective industrial hygiene practices are critical for businesses to maintain a safe working environment and to comply with regulatory standards, ultimately protecting an organization’s most valuable asset—its people.

World Environmental provides a robust suite of industrial hygiene services designed to safeguard employees and workplace environments. Our services include comprehensive exposure assessments, indoor air quality monitoring, chemical hazard evaluation, and ergonomic assessments. We work closely with clients to develop and implement effective controls for physical, chemical, biological, and ergonomic hazards. Our proactive approach ensures that your business not only meets current health and safety standards but also anticipates future compliance requirements.

Advanced Solutions for Worker Exposure Management

Risk Assessment World Environmental conducts thorough risk assessments to identify potential hazards that could affect workers in various industries. Our process involves a detailed analysis of work environments and operations to pinpoint sources of physical, chemical, biological, and ergonomic risks. This proactive evaluation helps us recommend appropriate measures to reduce or eliminate exposure to these hazards.

Exposure Monitoring We employ state-of-the-art methods for monitoring and measuring exposure levels in the workplace. Our team uses advanced tools and technologies to collect data on airborne contaminants, noise levels, radiation, and other occupational exposures. This continuous monitoring is crucial for understanding the ongoing risks and for verifying the effectiveness of implemented safety measures.

Customized Safety Protocols Recognizing that each workplace has unique challenges, World Environmental designs and implements safety protocols that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of each client. We develop these protocols based on a comprehensive evaluation of the workplace environment, the activities performed, and the associated risks identified. Our goal is to create a safer workplace by establishing clear, actionable steps for risk mitigation and emergency response.

  • Qualitative Risk Exposure Assessments: We identify potential hazards and evaluate the risk levels in your workplace through detailed qualitative analysis.
  • Health Hazard Evaluations: Our team conducts comprehensive evaluations to identify and assess health hazards associated with workplace conditions and practices.
  • On-site Evaluations: We perform thorough on-site evaluations to directly observe and analyze environmental, health, and safety risks in real-time.
  • Exposure Risk Estimation: Our experts estimate the level of risk associated with identified hazards, providing a foundation for targeted mitigation strategies.
  • Sampling Plan Development: We design customized sampling plans to effectively monitor and assess the presence of hazardous agents in your workplace environment.
  • Chemical Agent Sampling, Analyses, and Result Interpretation: Our specialized services include sampling airborne and surface chemical agents, followed by precise analyses and detailed interpretation of the results.
  • Physical Agent Measurement and Result Interpretation: We measure levels of physical agents such as noise, radiation, and temperature, and interpret these data to assess potential impacts on worker health.
  • Biological Agent Sampling and Result Interpretation: Our team conducts sampling of biological agents like bacteria and mold, analyzing and interpreting the results to ensure workplace safety and compliance.

Expertise in Building Science for Enhanced Safety

Building Assessments World Environmental performs comprehensive building assessments to ensure both structural and environmental safety. Our expert team evaluates buildings for potential risks such as mold, asbestos, poor air quality, and structural vulnerabilities. These assessments are crucial for determining the health and safety conditions of facilities and for ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.

Mitigation Strategies Following our thorough assessments, we develop targeted mitigation strategies to address identified issues. Whether it’s removing hazardous materials like asbestos, controlling mold growth, or rectifying structural deficiencies, our approach is tailored to eliminate risks and enhance safety. We provide clear, actionable solutions that are designed to resolve problems effectively and sustainably.

Sustainability Planning Sustainability is a core component of our building management and operational strategies. At World Environmental, we integrate sustainable practices into every aspect of our building science solutions, from energy efficiency improvements to waste reduction techniques. Our sustainability planning helps clients not only reduce their environmental footprint but also improve operational efficiencies and reduce long-term costs.


  • Turnkey Asbestos, Lead, and Mold/Moisture Solutions: We provide comprehensive services for the identification, removal, and management of asbestos, lead, and moisture-related mold issues in buildings.
  • Water Damage and Building Moisture Mapping: Our experts utilize advanced techniques to map moisture in buildings, identifying sources of water damage to prevent structural decay and mold growth.
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Assessments: We conduct thorough assessments of indoor air quality to identify contaminants and recommend improvements to ensure a healthy indoor environment.
  • Legionella and Other Waterborne Pathogens Assessment and Management: Our team evaluates water systems to identify the presence of Legionella and other pathogens, providing strategies for effective management and control.
  • Building Hazardous Materials Management: We offer strategic management solutions for hazardous materials found in buildings, ensuring safe handling, compliance, and risk mitigation.
  • Vapor Intrusion Assessment and Turnkey Mitigation: Our specialists assess the risk of vapor intrusion from sub-surface contaminant sources and implement comprehensive mitigation solutions to protect indoor air quality.
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“World Environmental’s commitment to client success is truly commendable. They took the time to understand our unique needs and provided tailored solutions that aligned perfectly with our goals.”

– J.D.

Strategic Pandemic Management and Response

Pandemic Response Services World Environmental offers dedicated services to help businesses manage and mitigate the impacts of pandemics on their operations. Our team provides rapid response assessments to identify potential risks and vulnerabilities related to pandemic outbreaks. We also assist in implementing infection control measures, designing safe workspaces, and ensuring continuity of critical business functions under pandemic conditions.

Health & Safety Adjustments To ensure workplace safety during pandemics, we provide specific modifications and recommendations tailored to the unique challenges posed by infectious diseases. This includes redesigning work areas to promote social distancing, enhancing ventilation systems, and implementing rigorous sanitation practices. We also offer training for staff on hygiene practices and the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) to maintain a safe working environment.

Long-Term Strategies Recognizing the ongoing threat of pandemics, World Environmental assists clients in developing long-term strategies to enhance resilience. This includes establishing flexible work policies, improving remote work capabilities, and strengthening supply chain management. Our strategic planning ensures that businesses are prepared to face future pandemics with robust systems in place, minimizing disruption and safeguarding both employee health and business operations.


Ensuring Optimal Indoor Air Quality for Healthier Environments

Importance of Healthy Air Quality Maintaining high indoor air quality is essential for ensuring the health and safety of employees. Good air quality reduces the risk of respiratory issues, enhances cognitive function, and contributes to overall wellbeing in the workplace. It is also a key factor in complying with health and safety regulations and standards.

Air Quality Assessments World Environmental employs a variety of tools and techniques to accurately assess indoor air quality. Our assessments involve monitoring airborne pollutants, measuring ventilation rates, and detecting the presence of specific contaminants such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and particulates. Our team uses state-of-the-art equipment to gather data that helps identify sources of air quality issues.

Improvement Strategies Based on the findings from our assessments, we offer tailored solutions to improve indoor air quality. Strategies may include adjustments to ventilation systems to enhance air flow, installation of air purification systems, and recommendations for the use of non-toxic materials and chemicals within the workplace. These measures are designed to effectively reduce contaminant levels and ensure a healthier indoor environment for all occupants.

World Environmental – Your Industrial Hygienist Consultants

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