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Environmental Consulting in Houston, Texas

We are World Environmental, a full-service environmental consulting firm in Houston, TX that helps businesses across a variety of industries operate within compliance, reduce costs, and maximize efficiency through creative solutions and decades of industry expertise.

We deeply understand the unique environmental challenges and regulatory hurdles businesses face when operating within Houston, TX, and dedicate our practice to helping our clients overcome them, without compromise.

Our team of environmental engineers, geologists, environmental consultants, technical experts, and legal professionals allows us to create forward-thinking solutions that keep our clients one step ahead of their competitors and the regulatory environment they operate within.

Environmental consulting in Houston TX

Houston Industries We Serve

We offer turnkey environmental solutions and consulting in Houston, TX, specializing in environmental, health, and safety compliance. Our team supports businesses in Houston and nearby cities like Sugar Land, The Woodlands, Pasadena, and Pearland. Whether in commercial real estate, oil and gas, renewable energy, or other sectors, we ensure rapid response, clear communication, and innovative solutions.

Here are some of the key sectors we serve:

  • Commercial Real Estate: Environmental assessments and compliance audits to ensure safe and compliant property transactions.
  • Developers: Comprehensive environmental planning and permitting to streamline project development.
  • Renewable Energy: Environmental impact assessments and permitting to support sustainable energy projects.
  • Oil and Gas: Specialized services for permitting, compliance, pollution control, and more in the oil and gas sector.
  • Land Development and Redevelopment: Environmental liability management and land reuse strategies.
  • Brownfields Developers: Expertise in brownfields redevelopment and remediation.
  • Local/State/Federal Governmental Agencies: Collaborative approach to achieve regulatory compliance and public health protection.

Our Specialties and Environmental Services

Alongside our national environmental consulting services, our consultants in Houston specialize in:

Air Quality

  • Air Emissions & Dispersion Modeling: Accurate modeling to predict and manage air pollution dispersion.
  • Air Permitting & Reporting: Assistance with obtaining and maintaining necessary air quality permits and compliance reports.
  • Title V Permit Management: Comprehensive management of Title V permits to ensure ongoing regulatory compliance.

Environmental Compliance

  • Brownfields: Expertise in assessing and redeveloping contaminated sites for safe reuse.
  • CERCLA Experience: RI/FS, RD, RA: Specialized in Superfund site assessment, remediation design, and remedial actions.
  • Environmental Site Assessments: Detailed evaluations of environmental conditions for informed decision-making. Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III environmental site assessments.
  • Environmental Liability Management: Strategies to identify, manage, and mitigate environmental liabilities.
  • Land Re-Use: Planning and implementing strategies for the productive reuse of previously used land.
  • Multimedia Compliance Audits: Comprehensive audits covering all environmental media to ensure full regulatory compliance.
  • Oil & Gas Permitting Issues: Navigating complex permitting processes for the oil and gas industry.
  • Pollution Control: Solutions to reduce and control pollution emissions effectively.
  • RCRA Experience: RFI, CMS, CMD, CA: Expertise in Resource Conservation and Recovery Act compliance and corrective actions.
  • Soil & Ground Water Investigations and Remediation: Thorough investigation and cleanup of soil and groundwater contamination.
  • Waste Management: Effective strategies for the collection, transportation, and disposal of various types of waste including hazardous and industrial waste.
  • Wastewater & Stormwater Management: Advanced systems and practices for managing and treating wastewater and stormwater to prevent pollution. This includes obtaining the appropriate wastewater and stormwater permits.

Health & Safety

  • Hazardous Identification & Control: Identifying and managing hazardous substances to protect health and safety.
  • Industrial Hygiene: Noise Hazard Evaluations, Dosimetry Monitoring &
  • Air Contaminant Monitoring: Comprehensive assessments to control workplace hazards related to noise and air quality.
  • Occupational Safety and Health Program Auditing & Compliance: Audits to ensure occupational safety programs meet regulatory standards.
  • Occupational Safety & Health Program Development: Developing effective programs to maintain workplace safety and health.
  • OSHA Inspection, Citation, Penalty & Litigation: Assistance with OSHA inspections, handling citations, and managing penalties and litigation.

General Consulting Services

  • Audit Protocol & Process Equipment Design: Developing audit protocols and designing equipment processes to ensure compliance and efficiency.
  • Database Development & Management: Creating and managing databases for environmental data and compliance tracking.
  • Decommissioning & Remediation: Safe and effective decommissioning and remediation of facilities and sites.
  • Distressed Asset Disposition: Managing the environmental aspects of selling or repurposing distressed assets.
  • Emergency Planning: Developing plans to prepare for and respond to environmental emergencies.
  • Litigation Support: Providing expert support in environmental litigation cases.
  • Project Hazard Analyses: Conducting analyses to identify and mitigate project-related hazards.
  • Project Management: Comprehensive management of environmental projects from start to finish.
  • Regulatory/Agency Negotiations: Skilled negotiation with regulatory agencies to achieve favorable outcomes.
  • Risk Reduction: Implementing strategies to reduce environmental and health risks.
  • Toxic Tort/Complex Real Estate Transactions: Expertise in managing environmental issues in complex legal and real estate transactions.

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