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Our elite team of environmental consultants, experienced in navigating the complexities of permits and regulations, dedicate themselves to empowering businesses to achieve compliance without compromise. In every corner of the world, World Environmental is your ally in fostering an environmentally responsible, compliant, and prosperous future.

Ensuring your Business Thrives in an Increasingly Eco-conscious Landscape.

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WORLD Environmental is a full-service environmental consulting firm, specializing in turnkey environmental solutions and environmental, health and safety compliance. Our company is committed to providing effective, efficient and timely compliance, assessment and remediation consulting to business and industry WORLD-wide.

What We Do

Our Practices & Services

From environmental impact assessments to sustainability planning and compliance support, our dedicated team of experts is here to provide tailored solutions and guidance to help you achieve your goals.

Air Quality

We offer comprehensive air quality consulting services, including monitoring, assessment, and mitigation strategies, to help you ensure healthy and sustainable air quality within your operations.

Environmental Compliance

Our team ensures your organization meets all relevant environmental regulations, guiding you through compliance requirements and providing strategies to achieve and maintain environmental compliance.

Health & Safety

We prioritize the well-being of your workforce by providing expert health and safety consulting services, including risk assessments, safety training, and the development of robust safety protocols tailored to your industry and specific needs.

Environmental Remediation

We specialize in environmental remediation, utilizing innovative techniques to clean up contaminated sites and restore environmental quality, mitigating risks and improving ecosystem health.

Environmental Site Assessments

We are committed to conducting comprehensive and compliant environmental site assessments, ensuring that our clients receive the most accurate and actionable environmental insights.

Waste Management

Our waste management services encompass comprehensive assessments, planning, and implementation of sustainable waste management practices, optimizing resource utilization, and minimizing environmental impacts.

Hazardous Materials

Our expertise in hazardous materials management allows us to assess, mitigate, and manage risks associated with hazardous substances, ensuring the safety of your employees and the environment.

Information Technology

Our IT services offer innovative solutions to streamline environmental data management, monitoring, and reporting, enabling efficient and accurate environmental data analysis and decision-making processes.

DOT Shipping Compliance

We excel in DOT Shipping Compliance, ensuring safe, compliant transport of hazardous materials including: hazmat material identification, labeling, & manifest management for local and international shipping.

Retail Sector Compliance

We provide retail sector compliance and consulting services, focusing on permits, hazard management, training, and more to ensure legal adherence, safety, and sustainability in the diverse retail sector.

Comprehensive Problems Solving for Your Most Pressing EHS Challenges

We understand that every organization faces unique challenges when it comes to EHS, whether it’s managing hazardous materials, mitigating environmental risks, or ensuring workplace safety. With our comprehensive problem-solving approach, we work closely with you to understand the intricacies of your challenges and develop tailored strategies to overcome them.

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Our Industries

With a deep understanding of industry-specific regulations and best practices, we partner with organizations in diverse sectors to deliver effective strategies and sustainable solutions that optimize EHS performance and drive success.







Food & Beverage

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How We Help You

At World Environmental, we understand the critical importance of achieving Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) and compliance goals. Learn how our dedicated team of consultants can assist your organization in navigating the complex landscape of EHS regulations and achieving compliance.

We are dedicated to developing innovative solutions to help your organization achieve its EHS and compliance goals.

Although headquartered in Texas, World Environmental offers environmental consulting services locally, including in Houston, and extends our expertise to locations across the United States and around the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Thorough Compliance Assessments

Our team conducts comprehensive compliance assessments tailored to your industry and specific regulatory requirements. We thoroughly evaluate your existing practices, identify potential gaps, and provide detailed recommendations to ensure compliance with local, national, and international EHS regulations. Our assessments include thorough inspections, data analysis, and in-depth audits to provide you with a clear understanding of your compliance status.

Customized Environmental Management Systems

We assist in developing and implementing customized Environmental Management Systems (EMS) that align with your organizational goals. Our team works closely with you to identify key EHS aspects, set measurable objectives, and design a systematic framework that promotes ongoing compliance, risk mitigation, and continual improvement. We provide guidance on documentation, training, and performance monitoring to ensure the successful integration of the EMS within your organization.

Proactive Regulatory Monitoring and Updates

Staying up-to-date with evolving EHS regulations can be a challenge. At World Environmental, we proactively monitor regulatory changes and updates on your behalf. Our team keeps a close eye on legislative developments, industry standards, and best practices, ensuring that your organization remains well-informed and prepared to address emerging compliance requirements. We provide timely updates and guidance on any changes that may impact your operations.

Training and Education Programs

We offer comprehensive training and education programs tailored to your organization’s needs. Our expert trainers deliver engaging workshops and seminars on a wide range of EHS topics, including regulatory compliance, workplace safety, hazardous materials management, and more. Our programs are designed to empower your employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and meet EHS requirements, fostering a culture of safety and compliance throughout your organization.

Our Past Work

Committed to Client Success

Hear from past clients! Discover firsthand accounts of how our dedicated team of environmental consultants has helped organizations achieve their environmental goals, navigate complex regulations, and create sustainable strategies. At World Environmental, we have a passion for delivering innovative solutions that make a tangible difference.

“World Environmental’s commitment to client success is truly commendable. They took the time to understand our unique needs and provided tailored solutions that aligned perfectly with our goals. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and prompt communication made the entire experience seamless and efficient.”

John Doe

COO, Energy Company Inc.

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